• Thursday 14 17:05 - 17:35

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Without wi-fi there is no paradise

“Tu puta vida nos da (un poco) igual”, ("We don’t care about your fucking life"), “No tengo wifi” ("I don’t have wifi") and “Gente de mierda” ("Shitty People") are just some of the tracks that Putochinomaricón will present on the XS stage. “Suena como la Casa Azul haciendo trap” ("It sounds like the Casa Azul making trap") he warns us on his influential Instagram profile. Chenta Tsai’s alias has become a key figure in new protest songs for the millennial generation. “Tú no eres activista”, ("You are not an activist"), for example, targets those who claim to be agitators on platforms such as Facebook, sharing the ‘truth’ from the comfort of their sofa... Tsai’s aesthetic references reflect the culture of all East Asian immigrants who populate the large cities of the West, combined with his experience agitating for transsexual rights. Of Chinese descent and raised in Madrid, Chenta has always felt like an Asian immigrant also trying to find his place in the LGTBIQA community. This was the reason for ​​organizing a parallel event to Madrid’s Gay Pride that represents anyone who does not feel represented by the "upper-middle class white gay man" profile.