Pedro Ladroga

Ladrogalab / ES

  • Friday 15 17:55 - 18:40

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Method and madness

Pedro Ladroga was there at the start. The Seville MC has been giving shape to an inexhaustible, infectious and expansive body of work for at least three years, experimenting with new forms of hip hop and r&b. Leaning heavily on the slowed down stylings of southern hip-hop and Atlanta trap, with influences from more open and ethereal genres such as vaporwave or early Tri Angle releases. His doesn't really fit in with today's urban music, or at least not in its more mainstream and commercial forms ; but his art, aesthetics and flow from another planet have left their mark on many of today's new rap producers. Nor are we looking at a conventional musician or rapper: Ladroga is also a graphic designer and video editor -among other occupations-, something like a rennaissance man of the digital era. Entering his world means perhaps not knowing how to get out of it. See for yourself on the SonarXS stage in June.