Oscar Mulero presents Monochrome AV

Semantica/PoleGroup / ES

  • Thursday 14 14:30 - 15:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Monochrome abyss

The emperor of Iberian techno returns to Sónar with a new live show. Monochrome is the new audiovisual experience (in collaboration with visual artists Nazare Soares and Javier Bejarano), combining hardware and software environments that include images, synthesizers, drum machines and multiple effects, opening the gateway to the most fullfilling side of IDM. A landscape dotted with micro-drones that pulsate over deconstructed rhythms, processed and modulated live, unshackling Mulero from his usual role as a hard techno DJ. The Spaniard has lived Gijón for a number of years and has commenced 2018 with a new six track EP, "Acceptance", on label Semantica. He delivers a unique and individual take on IDM, at times reminiscent of the early work of legends Autechre. We eagerly look forward to witnessing Mulero enveloping and subjugating in a more intimate and personal way than when located behind the decks.

Óscar Mulero’s fondness for obscure noises started in the late 80s through his visits to the OH Madrid nightclub, host to the era’s paramount EBM bands (Front 242, Cassandra Complex to Nitzer Ebb). Soon after, he began his career in the DJ booth, playing his collection of Belgian new beat and German trance records at the New World club. Next came The Omen, whose sets contained Detroit and British influences, akin to the early work of UR, Tresor or Soma. He first performed at Sónar in 1996, sharing the stage with equally legendary names from Madrid’s scene such as The Frogmen, HD Substance and Resonic. By this time his name had already started to resonate on an international level. In 2000, he debuted as a producer for French label Kobayashi, while also releasing music on his own label Warm Up, followed by sub label Pole a couple of years later. Since then he has continued to develop and evolve his sound, echoing the same dedication and love for music he possessed in those halcyon days of the 80s.