Oddisee & Good Compny

Mello Music / US

  • Friday 15 23:00 - 00:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

Supreme Flow

Everyone who has witnessed him live knows that Oddisee has an extra special flow. The American MC brings charisma and wisdom to the microphone and wins over all types of audiences with the quality of his lyrics and his onstage delivery. He does not rely on poses, gold chains or pyrotechnics. His band will of course, accompany him on stage: a vastly experienced group of musicians who exude the funk in each of their sessions. Together they will present the excellent "The Iceberg", a record that stands out both for its sonic diversity and for the social and political content of its lyrical discourse.

Born Amir Mohamed el Khalifa in Washington DC (his father being of Sudanese origin), Oddissee is not a novice. He was part of the Low Budget Crew collective and in 2009 founded the Diamond District trio, with whom he has released 3 albums to date. His solo career began in 2005 and from the very outset he carved out his own space in a hip-hop scene closer to East Coast soul and funk, and carries the recordings of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul in his musical DNA. Oddisee prefers to talk about social issues that affect everyone, including sensations and feelings, as opposed to drugs, violence and money.