• Saturday 16 03:05 - 04:15

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Body and mind

Few artists know how to move with as much inteligence and talent across the frontiers of dance, techno and abstract electronics as Objekt. The Berlin-based DJ and producer shifts with ease between cold atmospherics and house beats without either strand contradicting the other. On the contrary: everything he does has a meaning and brings coherence to a discography that while relatively short, doesn't waste a single minute. The English producer is also a well-respected DJ in whose hands, techno becomes a mutant and flexible language, performing transitions like a tailor who always knows where and how to make the right cut.

TJ Hertz (the producer behind the Objekt alias) began attracting attention in 2011 by remixing SBTRKT for Young Turks, before almost immediately founding his own publishing platform, also named after his moniker. Artistically minimalist and sonically penetrating, Objekt has steadily given birth to a string of new releases, most of them published in its label but with punctual escapes to Hessle Audio or PAN, where he released his only album to date,"Flatland" (2014). The extraordinary "Theme For Q", one of his latest tracks, has been an unexpected success this year in Ibiza, although it was never created with the island in mind. Proof that your music can reach far beyond the conventional and classic techno circuits. Pure class and precision for Friday night at SonarPub.