OBC (Barcelona Symphony Orchestra) + Brad Lubman play Terry Riley: IN C


  • Thursday 14 20:00 - 20:50

    Sónar by Day - L'Auditori: Sala 1 - Pau Casals

The maximum exponent of Minimalism

Thursday 14th June. L’Auditori

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Sónar 2018 and Barcelona’s l'Auditori once again combine forces for the 25th Anniversary to present "IN C", the masterpiece by the cult North American composer Terry Riley. "IN C" is an essential piece in the minimalist canon, believed at the time to be an aesthetic reaction against the dominant academicism in the United States, in the 60s. The Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya will take on this open score under the direction of prestigious American conductor and percussionist Brad Lubman, who has previously worked with DJ Spooky, John Zorn, Steve Reich and Pierre Boulez among others. "IN C", originally written for an undetermined number of performers, consists of 53 small numbered musical fragments. Each musician executes, in order, the 53 fragments written with a certain degree of freedom, interacting randomly between each other and following a tonality pattern. The result is a striking sound mass of incidents that continuously evolve around the note of C.

Terry Riley is one of America’s greatest innovators in minimalism, the author of fundamental and venerated works such as "A Rainbow In Curved Air" (1969) and "Persian Surgery Dervishes" (1972), plus, of course, "IN C" (1968). The Californian composer introduced the use of repetition; tape loops and delay elements in the development of Western classical music, and often sought inspiration from far reaching sources, especially from India, a country he has visited on numerous occasions. A classical pianist and self-taught saxophonist, a lover of John Cage and John Coltrane and the classmate of LaMonte Young at the University of Berkley, Riley has also been an electronic music pioneer in the use of synthesizers applied in an academic and contemporary context. Terry Riley és un dels més grans innovadors del minimalisme americà, autor d'obres fonamentals i de culte com “A Rainbow In Curved Air” (1969) i “Persian Surgery Dervishes” (1972), a més, per descomptat, d’“IN C” (1968). El compositor californià va introduir elements com la repetició, els loops de cinta i el delay en el desenvolupament de la música clàssica occidental, i sovint va buscar inspiració en tradicions allunyades de l'americana, especialment de l'Índia, país que ha visitat en nombroses ocasions. Pianista clàssic i saxofonista autodidacta, seguidor de John Cage i John Coltrane i company de classe de Lamonte Young a la Universitat de Berkley, Riley ha estat també un pioner de l'electrònica i l'ús de sintetitzadors aplicat a un context acadèmic i contemporani.