Niño de Elche & Israel Galván


  • Thursday 14 20:00 - 21:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Next level

The combination of unorthodox and revolutionary souls Francisco Contreras (Niño de Elche) and dancer Israel Galván was inevitable. Following several sporadic collaborations, they finally present a new, jointly concieved show at Sónar.

In the show, Galván performs percussion and dance at the same time by hitting, tapping and being in constant contact with objects and the stage floor itself; in this case, the floor and the stage will be SonarComplex. The dance rhythms will be provided by the voice of El Niño de Elche, who rather than continuously singing, likes to invent sounds, modulate them, unencumbered and improvising with his voice a flamenco flow that has made him a unique artist, both for his art and for his defiant and radically innovative attitude. The result takes flamenco to another place, to the next level, where words and concepts such as experimentation and avant-garde carry no fear; On the contrary: that is their daily sustenance, their language, their spontaneous way of working and expressing themselves.

Galván is an avant-garde dancer par excellence. Anyone who has ever seen him perform is sure to have been amazed with his unusual and incredible choreography. His way of dancing and moving is immensely personal, which does not please everyone, earning him criticism on numerous occasions from purist flamencologists. The same thing happened to Contreras, a gifted singer who treats flamenco as a space for free creation and a starting point to travel to other places. His commended collaborations with Los Voluble, in the form of two powerful shows, both premiered at Sónar by Day over the last two years, have placed him in new space, irrespective of generic considerations. His recent work with national post-rock group Toundra and numerous collaborations and albums with a wide range of artists do nothing but confirm that his musical and artistic universe is his alone.