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  • Thursday 14 20:25 - 21:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Kuduro earthquake

SonarXS is the perfect place to listen to the unstoppable and scorching rhythms of Nídia. The young Portuguese artist, now based in France, is helping to spearhead the Principe Discos label sound and new music emerging from Lisbon neighbourhoods, contributing to West African rhythms being heard on the global stage. This is certainly true for Angolan kuduro, a rhythm that has always fascinated Nídia since her childhood in the Portuguese capital, but also applies to other African folklore genres such as batida, kizomba, funaná and tarrachinha. Nídia (no longer using the "surname" Minaj) shapes these sounds with drum machines and digital synths to offer an exciting and powerful style, ultra-dance friendly, warm and replete with rhythm, while at the same time being constructed with very simple elements. All this is demonstrated on her first EPs and especially by the irresistible "Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida", her full length debut, released this year on Principe.