Lory Money


  • Saturday 16 17:55 - 18:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Beyond the LOLs

At first it was a joke. A Senegalese immigrant (real name Dara Dia) who was eking out a living selling counterfit goods on the streets of Barcelona, uploaded a song to youtube talking about the crisis and posing as Santa Claus. The video was one of the thousands that get uploaded every day; but was one of the few viral rap tracks that supported repeated listening. From the off then, it was quite obvious that this was more than a joke. Then "Ola K Ase" came along, and with more than 12 million and a half views on Youtube it was clear who was laughing now. Lory Money has the unique ability to take on any public figure or event from the news or his own life, and make it universally understood. Ana Botella, Shakespeare, Little Nicolas or policeman who arrested him for not carrying immigration papers have been some of the protagonists of his songs. His latest banger is "Independent", tackling Puigdemont and the "process" in Catalonia, with trademark good natured ribbing. And once again it's made a splash - 2.5 million visits in twenty days and climbing. SonarXS welcomes you with open arms.