• Friday 15 16:30 - 17:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Neapolitan delight

Liberato is the new king of urban music in Italy, an artist of an unparalleled charisma, who has broken all the moulds with his contemporary anthems sung in Neapolitan dialect. Because Liberato doesn't just make songs, he makes classics: that's what songs like "Tu T' e Scurdat'' E Me","Nove Maggio" or "Me Staje Appennennen' Amò" are for a whole generation of fans. Nobody knows who Liberato is, who hides behind that jacket with the hood permanently up, but in Italy he is now something of a hero to the youth. Especially that of Naples, a city he loves, which has seen him grow and is always present in his tracks. In fact, his extraordinary videos are perhaps the best way to get to know Naples right now, the chronicles of a reality, a specific place and time.

He is spoken of as an indispensable figure to understand what happens in the country, as Elena Ferrante (with whom he has been compared, by the scope of his words) or as Roberto Saviano, who has declared himself an unconditional fan since day one. Liberato -whose artistic name must have something to do with the cultural rebirth of Naples- does not give interviews and does not give concerts either: or, at least, did not until recently. His performance at SonarHall will only be the second time he performs live, after the success of his first concert in Torino in the last Club to Club edition. And there is a great desire to see him on stage and capture his charisma and talent a few meters away.