LCD Soundsystem


  • Saturday 16 22:00 - 23:50

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

This Is Happening

We didn't think it would ever happen, but yes: LCD Soundsystem will return to Sónar, to once again play on the stage that's always received them with open arms: SonarClub. The group led by James Murphy is back by popular demand after a premature farewell in 2011. Their return has been crowned by a fourth album, "American Dream", which topped the US Charts at Nº1. Their return to the stage also brings with it a breath-taking live show (which given their already formidable reputation as a live band, is sure to be one of the festival's most intense moments). In such a special year for Sónar, who celebrate their 25th Anniversary, this is conceivably one of the best gifts we could have hoped for.

The relationship between the festival, and Murphy and his band, is a long one. Their first concert at Sónar was in 2003, just one year after forming LCD Soundsystem and already with a couple of impressive hits under their belt: "Losing My Edge" and "Beat Connection", that soon stormed through the underground scene thanks to word of mouth. In 2005 they performed soon after the release of their first LP, which immediately positioned them as one of the best groups (for many the best) of the punk-funk wave in the early 2000s. In 2009 the duo of Murphy and Pat Mahoney (the band's drummer) performed, offering an extremely special cosmic disco DJ set. And in 2010 they would play again with the full band, just a few months before their swansong shows at NY's Madison Square Garden and perhaps in the best moment of their illustrious career. We say 'perhaps', as their latest return to the festival may be so stupendous that 'now', in fact, could be the best moment to enjoy them live on stage. Sónar welcomes them back with open arms.