We Are Europe

Jenny Hval (Insomnia & We Are Europe present)


  • Thursday 14 18:00 - 18:45

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Transgressive blood

She had had already caught the attention of many with her previous albums, but the definitive jump for Norway's Jenny Hval came with "Blood Bitch" (Sacred Bones, 2016). An experimental and daring album, both in sound and conceptually, which talks about menstruation through the use of rarefied atmospheres and unconventional instruments and was widely praised by the specialized press (best record of 2016 for Fact, for example). Blood Bitch reflects Hval's spirit: extravagant, provocative and avant-garde, without following established formulas and being faithful to her own obsessions. In this case everything that affects identity and gender, subjects that she has always dealt with in her work, long before they were common issues in the media and public opinion today.

Her albums are also the result of her many talents, not only musical. In addition to be a composer, Hval is a conceptual artist, a writer (of the novel,"Perlebryggeriet"), an articulator and, of course, a singer who uses her fascinating voice to get to the bottom of each song she sings about. All this has been compacted into a concept or genre of which she is the only representative: "soft dick rock". She has recently collaborated with Lindström, Carmen Villain and Kelly Lee Owens and has just announced a new project, Lost Girls, a duet formed with Håvard Volden. At Sónar however she'll arrive alone, with all the strength of her discourse and a staging in tune with the height of her art. This concert is presented in collaboration with the festival Insomnia within the program We Are Europe.