Island In The Sun

Modern Obscure Music / ES

  • Friday 15 14:30 - 16:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

An oasis of sound

Pedro Vian is a man of many faces and facets. The latest of them (or perhaps not, with him you never know) is Island In The Sun, a new project that allows the head of Modern Obscure Music to explore his renowned passion for found sounds, spiritual jazz and that world music in the Balearic tradition. A whole universe of abstract, dreamlike and beautiful music that Vian mixes with a set halfway between live and DJ sessions.

We first became aware of the producer when he was part of the Aster duo, together with Jami Bassols. Four years ago he began his solo adventure, parallel to the creation of MOM, one of the most interesting and open platforms of Spanish electronics (this same year they celebrated their fourth anniversary with a party that included techno, folk, post punk and experimental electronics). Vian has released several albums under his own name such as the LP "Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories" (2016) or the recent EP "Les Femmes" (Spring Theory, 2018); he has collaborated with Sau Poler on the 12" "Drawn By Sea", has shared numerous remixes and edits on his soundcloud and also runs another label, Passat Continu, focused on reissues of old jewels and avant-garde sounds.