Ibiza Pareo

Geiser Discos / AR

  • Friday 15 16:00 - 16:45

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Southern Summer

After having triumphed at Sónar Buenos Aires 2017, the duo formed by Ani Castoldi and Marina La Grasta arrives in Barcelona to repeat their success at Sónar by Day. Their eponymous debut album, composed of 10 potential hits is a perfect example of the type of electronic pop that can transform any place into a dance floor, whether it’s the beach, the desert or the dining room at home.

Ibiza Pareo -the name of the duet also says a lot about their attitude towards partying- build their compositions from basic elements, in perfect harmony with each other: powerful beats, warm percussions and hypnotic melodies, which give shape to a kind of Argentine Balearic sound that helps us to travel towards an eternal dawn. The tracks of her recently released new album, "Bailemos juntas", confirm their special freshness and composite talent. The time has come for them for Europe to welcome them with open arms.