Henry Saiz & Band

Natura Sonoris / ES

  • Friday 15 14:30 - 15:20

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

The natural route

"Human" is Henry Saíz’s most personal and ambitious work to date. It is also the closest, in spirit, to a pop sound, while still pushing format boundaries due to it's parallel incarnation as an A/V film. The album was recorded and produced with the help of donations collected on Kickstarter, allowing Saiz to travel to different corners of the globe and discover "places that reveal aspects of what it means to be human, for better or worse". Among the countries he visited were: Australia, Kenya, Saigon, Lanzarote, Tokyo, the California desert and even Antarctica. His stay in Dubai marks “The Golden Cage”, the album’s first single. The material resulting from this worldwide project will be converted into a live show, where several musicians and guest singers will accompany Saiz on stage for his debut at Sónar.

Saiz is one of Spain’s most internationally popular and recognized techno producers, thanks in large part to some of his first productions in which he mixed minimal forms with a British progressive sound, releasing them on his label Natura Sonoris. He has also released music on legendary labels such as Bedrock Records and Rennaisance and is worshipped by his faithful followers, cementing his reputation on the international scene. [TM1] His latest album, again released on his own label at the end of last year, takes us beyond the club concept and even the techno ouput we are used to hearing from him. A clear indicator that he wishes to avoid resting on his laurels, constantly evolving and undertaking new sonic adventures.