George FitzGerald live

Domino / UK

  • Thursday 14 20:40 - 21:55

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Hot sunshine melodies

FitzGerald will play a leading role on the first day of Sónar by Day in Barcelona. The British artist is set to release his new album in March, the second in his career. Until now we have only heard the first track, "Burns", bursting with harmonies and exquisite melodies that take the London producer's sound in a new direction, as can be heard on his latest EP, "Update" (released on Hotflush). He will arrive at Sónar accompanied by a live band, to bring the very best out of the human and organic warmth of his new compositions. The Englishman was at the very heart of the birth of dubstep, first as an employee at Black Market Records in London and later organizing the Man Make Music parties. In 2010 he relocated to Berlin, where he began to release material he had previously worked on for a number of years. FitzGerald has always been open minded to many musical genres in which house, bass music and garage happily sit alongside each other, releasing music on some of the most interesting new European electronic music labels, such as Hotflush, Aus Music and Hypercolour. His emotive and contemporary sound led him to sign to Double Six Recordings, Domino's sub label, on which he released his debut album, the radiant "Fading Love", in 2015. In 2018, Sónar will have the pleasure of witnessing him return on top form.