Francisco López

VirtuAural Electro-Mechanics / ES

  • Friday 15 14:00 - 14:50

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Natural mechanics

Francisco López is one of Spain's most gifted sonic explorers' who is forever on the move. The term 'explorer' is not a metaphor when it comes to Lopez; in November he travelled to the African savannah to teach and head up a two-week workshop in the Mmabolela nature reserve in South Africa. This type of workshop is not unusual for the creator from Madrid. A biologist by profession, known mainly for his experiments with noise, he has always been incredibly interested in natural environment field recordings. At the beginning of his career, his first recordings of insects were, in fact, a declaration of principles. This collision between natural and urban environments materialized last year in the form of an installation in New York's Times Square. The aptly titled Jungle-Ized emitted numerous sounds from the Amazon jungle. He will arrive at Sónar 2018 armed with an immersive experience, VirtuAural Electro-Mechanics, a host of sounds collected over the last 25 years from industrial environments, mechanisms and electromagnetic systems.