Dre Skull

Mixpak / US

  • Saturday 16 16:20 - 17:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Dancehall Evangelist

Andrew Hershey is the head of Mixpak, one of today’s buzz labels for those interested in the global soundsystem sound, having signed prominent artists such as Popcaan in 2014 and more recently DJ Florentino, who debuted with a remix of Jubilee. Their sound can clearly be heard on the Christmas compilation Holiday Bundle, demonstrating an open-minded approach to Baltimore Club and new generation funk; as well as reinterpreting and bringing new perspectives to sounds based around dancehall. Dre Skull's passion for Jamaican music has led him to collaborate with dancehall star Vybz Kartel, who typically joins him in for shows whenever the opportunity arises. His sets always display a great knowledge and respect for the past, as well as a honed intuition for what is to come.

Hershey is instilled with a do-it-yourself attitude indebted to the punk movement of the 70s that was interested in Jamaican culture. His unrestrained energy led him to be a militant voice in collectives such as Rhode Island’s Fort Thunder, and it could be said that Andrew Hershey has already achieved business success before triumphing with his Mixpak label: from selling Lightning Bolt band merchandise, occupying a ship in Brooklyn, and deconstructing the work of Yoko Ono and other celebrated figures of US culture. At Sónar he will play the very best from one of today’s hottest genres: dancehall.