DJ Harvey (6h set)


  • Friday 15 00:00 - 06:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarCar

6hr journey with the maestro

No other globally renowned DJ is better suited to play an extended set at SonarCar than Harvey Basset. Over the past 20 years the much-revered British dj has led an unusual life with an artistic path characterized by innovation, discovery and extraordinarily good taste. In recent times Harvey has once again reined supreme via his nights at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza where he opted for relaxed atmospheric parties, uninhibited dancing and long duration sets, often playing below 120bpms and unashamedly combining hidden gems from italodisco, funk, synth pop and Balearic house. These exceptional hotel sessions left an indelible mark on those lucky enough to attend and also gave rise to the compilation of some of his favourite tracks from this year and beyond: "The Sound Of Mercury Rising Complied with Love By DJ Harvey".

SonarCar will host a luxury six-hour set from Harvey, not uncommon for this legendary dj. His expansive and explorative nature and unique and personal expression is best experienced via long lasting sets. Born in Cambridge he honed his skills at superclubs like Ministry Of Sound and Back To Basics and also spent many years in Los Angeles away from the European circuit. He was a key figure in revitalising disco music and the global fever for edits, which led to the creation of his Black Cock label, as well as rock album projects like Map of Africa and Locussolus. He first came to Sónar in 2010 and amazed everyone with his musical narrative and dexterity behind the decks. On this extra special year for the festival, one of the two SonarCar sets just had to be for him.