Red Bull Music presents

Dabrye & Kadence

Ghostly International / US

  • Saturday 16 15:35 - 16:35

    Sónar by Day - SonarDôme by Red Bull Music

Michigan's legendary beatmaker arrives at Sónar to present his long-awaited "Three/Three", the final chapter of a historical trilogy.

Ann Arbor resident and longtime Ghostly International label affiliate Tadd Mullinix has created aliases by the bucketload. There are his solo projects — Dabrye, SK-1 and James T Cotton, AKA JTC — and collaborations, too (with Todd Osborn, he created TNT, acid explosions of the jacking house kind). As Dabrye, Mullinix found a kindred spirit in J Dilla, but whether collaborating with out-of-the-box-thinking MCs like DOOM, MED or Vast Aire, or relying on the instrumental strengths of his mind-blowing arrangements on albums like One/Three and Two/Three, Mullinix's musical affiliation with Michigan goes beyond the dusty, off-kilter soul of the Yancey kind, exhibiting its techno tendencies. In February 2018, his third solo album as Dabrye, Three/Three, was released on Ghostly, a razor-sharp rap album that completes a prophetic trilogy. For his performance at Sonár 2018, Dabrye will perform tracks from all three of those albums alongside his frequent collaborator, the rapper Kadence.