• Thursday 14 17:40 - 18:25

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Crap stars

Originally formed in 2012 as a duo, playing (in their own words) trash-metal-pop-rock-disco, CYBER are now a trio and have evolved over time into one of the few genres that were not in their initial definition: rap. Although, this being CYBER, it's not rap as you know it. Taking the trap clichés -  808 snares, triplets - of contemporary hip hop and slathering it with touches of pop soul and all the joy of an anarchic teenage sleepover. They've even come up with their own terminology to describe it. CYBER RAP, or in shorthand, CRAP.

To date the three members-  vocalists, Bleach Pistol / Sick Roma, Junior Cheese / YNG NICK and DJ Þura Stína - have three releases to their name; Crap, Boys and Horror, the latter of which has won several awards in their native Iceland. For their show at SonarXS expect a lot of glamour, powerful visuals, latex and (barely) controlled chaos.