Warner / JP

  • Saturday 16 18:30 - 19:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

The mighty Cornelius will present his new album at SonarHall. This is excellent news for all fans of the Japanese sonic magician, especially given that in recent years his live performances have become increasingly exclusive and rare. Anyone who has ever seen him perform live knows that his concerts are truly unique visual and sensorial experiences. Cornelius returns with a digital and organic show and will be accompanied by live musicians performing his supernatural pop perfectly synchronised with his amazing visuals. He will perform songs from his new album: "Mellow Waves" -his first solo album since 2006’s "Sensuous"- remarkable for the emotive nature of its compositions and the incredible balance between melodies, vocals and synthetic rhythms.

Before embarking on his solo career, Oyamada's exceptional talent was plain for all to see as a member of Flipper's Guitar, a fundamental project in the development of the Shibuya-kei sound that had an extraordinary impact beyond the borders of Japan in the late 80s and early 90s. As Cornelius he has become recognised the world over, releasing albums like "The First Question Award" (1994), "Fantasma" (1997) and "Point" (2001), all of which are examples of the colourful and captivating synth pop that reveals itself in multiple and unpredictable guises. Master of arrangement, the sampler, loops and melodies, Cornelius is a well known celebrity in Japan, where he has collaborated with the some of country’s most important musicians; He is part of the Metafive super group alongside other luminaries from the Japanese scene, such as Takahashi Yukihiro (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and Towa Tei, whose first album is due imminently. This year Oyamada will perform his new live show and solo album at Sónar and continues to maintain the high quality control that runs through everything he has done to date.