Charlotte de Witte

Mary Go Wild / BE

  • Saturday 16 05:45 - 07:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Techno revelation

Not everyone is capable of following a performance by Richie Hawtin on the SonarClub stage. Despite her young age and limited time on the DJ circuit, Charlotte de Witte has amply demonstrated that she is more than prepared. Born in Ghent (Belgium) 24 years ago, de Witte possesses a virtue that sets her apart from the current crop of DJs: her natural ease, composure and skill behind the decks. Witnessing her selecting, mixing and structuring sets, makes playing techno in large spaces seem like the simplest thing in the world and that anyone can do it. We know that this is not the case, all of which makes her achievements in such a small space of time so impressive. De Witte has an innate talent and a finely tuned ear, qualities that also can be found in her own productions, releasing on labels including Novamute and Tiga’s Turbo label. The Belgian DJ and producer has reinvigorated and applied fresh nuances to a genre that can sometimes appear inaccessible and forced upon the dance floor. Tracks like "Closer" and "Motion", both released last year, are ample proof of that.