Call Super

Houndstooth / UK

  • Saturday 16 00:05 - 01:10

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Techno black label

Very few names on the international scene right now can boast of maximum respect for their work both in the studio and behind the decks. Joseph Richmond-Seaton has been impressing for some time thanks to the cleanliness and electronic beauty of his records as Call Super (the latest one,"Arpo", is really excellent) and at the same time winning over literally everyone who listens to him when he plays in clubs and festivals around the world. The formula might not be new, but it's effective and not as predictable as you would expect: a perfect blend of versatility, elegance, intelligence and precision. Not by chance, several media outlets have considered his set for the series "Fabric" as one of the best mixes of last year. At Sónar he'll be playing between theavyweights  LCD Soundsystem and Thom Yorke, which already says a lot about his current status.

Seaton was responsible for inaugurating the catalogue of Houndstooth (label linked to Fabric) with the 12" The Present Tense (2013), followed by two albums, Suzi Ecto (2014) and the aforementioned "Arpo", all signed as Call Super. He has, however, two other parallel projects, less well known but no less interesting, Ondo Fudd and Elmo Crumb, with which he explores long form electronica with somewhat lower tempos and experimental contours. He now lives in Berlin, where he often plays with his friend TJ Hertz (Objekt) under the name Everything Is True. If by any chance someone has lost faith in the innovative and exciting ability of techno, a listen any of Call Super's albums or mixes will be enough to bring them around.