C.E.E. Shepherds

Lapsus / ES

  • Saturday 16 22:00 - 23:20

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

Electronic excursions to the unknown

The people behind Lapsus never stop; not content with directing one of the best labels of the national scene, programming the excellent club LAUT in Barcelona and broadcasting week after week a great electronic music program on Radio 3; a few months ago, they pulled something new out of their sleeve - a new label C.E.E. The first thing that attracts attention, as is the norm of the house, is the sense of humor in choosing the name: C. E. E. are the initials of the Club Excursionista de l' Electrònica, a nod to those associations of climbers and hikers who go out every weekend to explore new territories in the lands of Spain. That's precisely what their creators have between the eyes: exploring new fields. So far, they have already published under this new brand great references from the English artist Moiré and Spain's Airaboi, among others. On this occasion two of the labels representatives, the shepherds Mario "Lucient" and Albert Salinas, will come, premiering their new alias Vera Rubin, both opening Saturday night in SonarPub with a four-handed set of Martian house and spacey electronica.