Resident Advisor

Ben Klock & Dj Nobu

Ostgut Ton-Bitta / DE-JP

  • Saturday 16 02:55 - 04:55

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab - Resident Advisor

Berlin Dawn

We are eagerly looking forward to an exceptional b2b set that will provide quality in abundance. On one side will be Ben Klock, the beating heart of Berlin's club scene thanks to his work at the iconic Berghain venue. While on the other, Dj Nobu, the Japanese underground techno legend, thanks to his Future Terror parties and his Bitta label. This will be an ideal amalgamation of complementary styles with Asian delights and Teutonic fun.

Klock is a lover of deep groove based techno, as demonstrated by his Klockworks label; while more recently the Japanese DJ's sets have revolved around abstract esoteric techno, designed not only for the dance floor but to mangle the senses. Thus, techno lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy a dj set drawing from two different (but perfectly compatible) worlds. These two genre dimensions will coincide for the first time on Saturday night at SonarLab.