Ransom Note / ES

  • Saturday 16 20:30 - 21:55

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

A nose for dance music

Last year Bawrut turned up at SonarVillage, got behind the decks and within minutes had the party well and truly started. Blessed with immaculate taste, and a second to none ability to detect what the occasion requires as well as a natural wisdom when it came to joining rhythms and hits. In retrospect, we shouldn't have been surprised, given that his special mix for Sónar, delivered in the weeks before the festival was 60 minutes of brilliance without any filler at all. Born in Italy Borut Viola has been living in Madrid for years, and in the months that have passed since that memorable set has attracted the attention of many more people. Logical. This time Bawrut will be in Sónar by Night, demonstrating his talent yet again with a set that will surely set the bar high for those who come on later.

Ciquita, his first 12" on Ransom Note, put him right on the map with a banger built on congas, lysergic basslines and surprising mobile phone samples that caught the attention of many top international DJs. Then came "Rumba", an excellent EP that also included a tribute track to the Spanish 'ruta del bakalao' of the 90's. Now he's back with 4x4", again mixing African rhythms, his already characteristic lines of acid techno, stratospheric disco-funk, latin percussion and direct tributes to the Incredible Bongo Band. Bawrut knows exactly what he's up to.