Red Bull Music presents

Amp Fiddler & Tony Allen


  • Saturday 16 17:55 - 18:55

    Sónar by Day - SonarDôme by Red Bull Music

The legendary drummer and Fela Kuti collaborator performs with the peerless funk backing of a Detroit mainstay and musical polyglot.

The style we know as Afrobeat wouldn’t sound anything like it without Tony Allen. A true intuitive pioneer, Mr. Allen managed to mix the brevity and snap of jazz drumming by the likes of Art Blakey, Max Roach and Guy Warren with the extended forms of African rhythms from highlife and yoruba. The musical conversation between Clyde Stubblefield, Jabo Starks and Tony Allen is still being felt today, having influenced practically every new genre of dance music from the ’70s onwards. After starting out in the group Enchantment, Joseph “Amp” Fiddler became spellbound in the early ’80s by the sounds of Parliament and Funkadelic – and through hard work and determination, it only took two years before George Clinton hired him as a keyboard player. Under Clinton’s glittering wings, from the mid-’80s to the mid-’90 Amp Fiddler surveyed the tones and textures of dance music’s relationship with funk, soul and R&B, and brought his knowledge into the studio, working with house and techno producers like Moodymann, Carl Craig and Theo Parrish, and pop and soul masters like Maxwell, Prince and Sly & Robbie. At Sónar, these two peerless performers will take the stage together for the very first time, for a riotous exploration of electronic funk and relentless groove.