Alicia Carrera

Hivern / ES

  • Friday 15 22:00 - 23:25

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch


Originally hailing from Galicia based in Barcelona and with a long stint in Berlin behind her, Alicia Carrera is a woman of multiple talents: graphic designer, label manager of Hivern Discs, a photographer and, of course, a DJ of some repute, thanks to her comprehensive knowledge of dance music and unique taste when mixing and recording sessions. Her musical obsessions run to genres such as new wave, psychedelia, experimental electronics and dark wave; sonic passions that led her to find the fanzine Zauberstab, dedicated to making unusual and hidden music known. Recently her selections and sets have been played on stations such as (where she presents the program Zauberstrab Radio), Red Light Radio, NTS or Red Bull Radio. Her sets move between slow melodies, cosmic sounds, tribal rhythms and house, trance and new beat influences, always with the ambitious and praiseworthy objective of taking the audience to a new and unknown place.