SonarMies: Mark Bain, "Wave Shift"

14-18 June
1pm -1:20pm
5pm - 5:20pm
7pm - 7:20pm

Pavelló Mies Van der Rohe

Mark Bain uses seismic sensors to capture micro vibrations that run through the materials used in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion and the subsoil on which it lays. These vibrations are amplified and reproduced through a loudspeaker system adapted to the proportions and acoustics of the pavilion, and by a device that moves them to the water's surface from its two pools/reservoir/tanks/ponds. Thus, "Wave Shift" puts forward an investigation into the sound of nature's resources/materials and the proportions of this iconic modern architecture. It also adds to the series of sound pieces curated by Lluís Nacenta in the Mies van der Rohe for Sónar+D, joining previous works by Francisco López, Edwin van der Heide, Àlex Arteaga and Tristan Perich.

Curator: Lluís Nacenta

Price: €5. Free admission for any Sonar ticket or Delegate Pass holders.

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