Brian Eno: "Lightforms / Soundforms"

14 de juny – 1 d'octubre de 2017
From Tuesday to Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sundays and holidays: 11am – 5pm
Arts Santa Mònica

"Lightforms / Soundforms" is the most far-reaching exhibition to date covering the work of Brian Eno. The exhibition does not seek to meticulously review his creative career, but rather to provide a detailed and complete picture of his current activity and his short-term future plans. As well as the illustrious audiovisual installation "77 Million Paintings", the exhibition also includes, among other pieces, a specially created new installation, which will be presented in the Max Cahner Hall at Santa Monica Arts. In addition Eno's latest album “Reflection” will be presented at the luggage carousel Terminal One at Barcelona Airport. (from 13 to 18 June).

Curator: Lluís Nacenta

Free entrance