At Sónar Barcelona 2017, Absolut will transport us to new dimensions – without limits or barriers, where you can imagine and illuminate a better tomorrow.

#AbsolutNewDimensions is a new concept which will take the form of three dimensions situated within the framework of Sónar on the 15th, 16th and 17th of June 2017. New dimensions that converge in the three areas of the festival: Sónar Day, Sónar+D and Sónar Night.

The #AbsolutNewDimensions space, located beside the SonarVillage in Sonar Day, is an immersive installation of light, colour and fog that challenges limits and submerges the attendees in a nebula of chromatic sensations. Exceptional dimensions where you can disappear and rediscover, where you can abstract and discover unexplored dimensions of yourself.

For Sónar+D, Absolut will team up with the New York School For Poetic Computation. This particular project, among other things, investigates writing data as creative writing, conceiving new forms of communication through the narration of data.

At Sónar Night, Absolute will commission a work by Joan Guasch, a three-dimensional volumetric structure that will serve both as a canvas and work of art in itself, where unique cocktails will be served.

Absolut encourages us to discover new chromatic dimensions of ourselves, in which we are able to connect with others, live intense experiences that enhance our creativity and empower us to start revolutions that change the world.

Do you dare to discover new dimensions?