Meet Catnapp: Interview and Playlist


Midway between the confrontational electro pop of Peaches and the deconstructed club sounds of her European peers (think Staycore, Janus, PAN), the music that Amparo Battaglia makes under the alter-ego Catnapp, is as in your face as it is infectious. While her records convey the sexual agency and speedy urgency of Berlin’s techno scene, they also contain elements of post-punk and rap - something that really comes to the forefront when she performs live. Having witnessed a few of these shows up close, it’s safe to say that her performance at SonarXS on Thursday 18th July is not to be missed. Read an interview with the up and coming artist below, and check out her warm up playlist for Sónar 2019 here.

Hey Amparo, how is the South American tour going?

Super well. I get to see a lot of my old friends, my family and my cat.
It’s always great to come back and perform here after so long. Not only in Buenos Aires but also in Cordoba where I have a lot of friends too. It's a super warm feeling to play there. The crowd is always super energetic and friendly.

You’ve made us an amazing playlist to warm up for the event, can you talk us through a few of the selections?

The playlist is a mix of new sounds I’ve been listening to, new musicians I’ve met and some classics. I pictured a pre-party situation when making the selection for it.
One of the artists is BABii. I met her at SXSW in Texas this year when we both went to perform. OKLOU on the other hand, I found online. She’s an amazing and fresh French producer. I also included some local uprising talents like Ca7triel, also from Buenos Aires.

I think it’s interesting that you’ve chosen a lot of rap as well as deconstructed club music for this, do you see yourself as a rapper?

I don’t see myself as a rapper, no. I admire the true skill of rapping and freestyling.
I just use that type of expression (rap) sometimes. It’s like picking a color for a painting, or a sound for a synth.

Is there anyone on the line up this year you’re especially excited to see?

Rejjie Snow who is playing on my same day I think, and A$AP Rocky. I hope I can make it to his show since I will have to travel back to Berlin quite soon after my gig.

What’s your relationship to Sónar, have you been to the Barcelona event before?

I performed in Sónar Buenos Aires last year. I’ve ever been to Sónar Barcelona before but I always heard my friends talking to me about Sónar and OFFSónar and how much fun it was. I can't wait to go myself!

You’re Argentinian but have been living in Germany for years. What made you move to Berlin from Buenos Aires, and what pushed you in the musical direction you’re in now?

Its very hard to grow in Argentina, or develop as an artist that is not making straight forward national rock. Even more if your lyrics are not in Spanish. You are a bit judged, and no one really dares to invest in you.
The country is in such a bad economical situation that of course, people who can invest will invest in a “safe” product.
There’s also not a lot of audience for the music I make.
I also felt there was not much more for me to learn there, and I needed to be inspired by new things. New people and arts, from other places.
I am inspired and influenced by a lot of different things. Feelings I wanna transmit, ways I want to sound, ways I want people to receive my music and messages I would like to send out. All of those things together shape the music I make.