• Saturday 17 21:30 - 22:25

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

Versatility and class

Ylia has been bubbling away in the national underground scene for some time, always generating positive feedback when performing on stage or in the DJ booth. Her dexterous and ever reliable sets interchange between diverse genres, sometimes ambient and experimental, other times more direct and dance floor friendly. In addition to her illustrious DJ skills, she is currently completing her debut solo production under the name 'Terence' and working on collaborative projects with Phran (People You May Know); Lost Twin (OWL); and Darío del Moral -member of Pony Bravo and Fiera- under the name Bola de Desierto. She will open proceedings on the Resident Advisor curated stage, Saturday 17 at SonarLab, with the support of visuals by Spanish digital artist Light Notes. 

Ylia grew up in Alicante listening to bakalao and studying classical piano, but was soon drawn towards electronic music and from '99 she began to dj breakbeat and electro. After a season in Malaga and Seville she moved to Barcelona, ​​where she has been resident at Nitsa and City Hall, having also played at clubs Moog and Macarena. Her sets have also been heard internationally (Germany, Portugal, France and Israel, where she regularly plays) and are a true reflection of her open-minded approach, with tastes ranging from the most classic house, to techno and electro, with experimental timbres and an enduring spirit of funk. In addition to all this, Ylia has her own slot on Barcelona station Dublab, entitled "La Guarida".