We Are Europe

TodaysArt: Tarik Barri ft. Lea Fabrikant


  • Thursday 15 18:00 - 19:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Motion and 3D sound

A focused and multidisciplinary artist moving between the fields of image programming and music, Barri will present his latest creation at Sónar, which he is presently working on. It is a 3D format piece created using Barri's own software called "Versum", in which the artist becomes airborne thanks to the control of a joystick, enabling him to encounter several objects and forms that generate sound as a result of his movement. Thus, more distant objects can be heard at a lower volume, while those closest are the noisiest; and all of them will be determined and modulated by the way in which Barri flies through the three-dimensional space. The performance at Sonar will feature vocal work by sound-artist and photographer Lea Fabrikant as she records her live audiovisual input into Versum, composing a more human aspect within this virtual universe. Her manipulations of sound and image however often result in deformations beyond recognition, where humanity and electronics merge into a different entity alltogether.

Born in the Netherlands but raised for many years in Saudi Arabia, Barri is widely sought-after artist by the current crop of producers and musicians working in the electronic spectrum. He has collaborated in recent years with Radiohead, Atoms For Peace, Nicolas Jaar and Monolake, among others, who have all counted on him to take their respective onstage technological elements to the next level. An enthusiast for making the complicated seem simple in its final visualization; Barri is also an excellent sound designer and a devotee to new forms of musical production.

Sónar will present this show in collaboration with the TodaysArt festival as part of the We Are Europe project.