Telmo Trenor

Soulless Lab / ES

  • Saturday 17 14:45 - 15:50

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

A sentimental journey

You only need to listen to "Maps" (his latest release, on cassette format for Madrid label Soulles Lab) in order to appreciate the quality of Telmo Trenor. The beatmaker from Donosti (San Sebastian) demonstrates his exquisite taste in a music which he will perform with humility, calmness and a slowly transforming sounic adventure, much deeper than it might first appear, as if Telmo were an explorer gradually and fearlessly entering an unknown place, with the conviction that he will unearth a priceless treasure. To compare him with the sun-drenched beats of Teebs or Dimlite's dreamlike ambient is no exaggeration.

Tremor's first musical loves were hip hop and r&b, genres that remain present in his compositions, but which are just a small part of the rich sonic range he inhabits. His imaginative use of the sampler allows him to build his pieces from fragments of synth pop, Brazilian music, ethnic percussions and cosmic arrangements, enrapturing the listener with a handful of small but significant subtleties. These elements were already present in 2012's "Guaraná" and "Tropicalia", (whose titles clearly indicate the current tastes of the Basque producer's sound), but it is with "Maps" that he has truly begun to shine.