Stööki Sound

Ö.N.E. Worldwide / UK

  • Friday 16 18:35 - 19:35

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

New breed

Jelacee & DJ Lukey make up Stööki Sound, the most recent sensation to emerge from the bass music universe and London’s underground scene. Upon hearing them, Diplo -always on the lookout for new talent- immediately signed them to his Mad Decent label, resulting in a double artist release with Troyboi -another up and coming name from the UK- who also performed at last year’s Sónar. Jelacee & Lukey quickly felt the need to create their own environment in order to progress and have just taken two decisive steps in this direction: the creation of their own editorial platform, Ö.N.E. Worldwide, and the release of their first official work, “Ösiris”, an excellent EP consisting of grime, hip hop and future beats and brought together through live instrumental pieces, vocal tracks and guest MCs. They are guaranteed to make an impact at Sónar 2017 where they will perform on the SonarVillage stage at Sónar by Day.

Stöoki Sound began working together in 2013 and in just a short space of time have shown that with talent and without prejudice it is still possible to create music that sounds innovative and fresh in the overcrowded spectrum of bass music. The English duo’s compositions blending elements of trap, grime and hip hop are equally at home working in mid or high bpms. They have collaborated with producers and vocalists from their own generation, such as Hucci, Mura Masa, Mr. Carmack and Troyboi, with whom they share an afinity in their open and natural approach to composing and promoting their art form. These Londoners hope to conquer the world, hence the creation of the Stööki Movement together with designer Nadia Abbas, which includes the label, a fashion and jewellery line, commissioned visual projects and several other artistic strands. Next stop: SonarVillage.