Soulection presents Joe Kay + Jarreau Vandal

Soulection / US

  • Saturday 17 18:35 - 20:10

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

The Sound Of Tomorrow

Hailing from Los Angeles, Soulection came to be in 2011 and is described as a global platform for moving culture. It could also be described as a collective of open-minded musicians and djs or as a label consolidating West Coast beats and bands. Whatever the descriptive tag, Soulection is great news for contemporary urban music in the United States. Soulection follow a Do It Yourself philosophy akin to punk with a catalogue consisting of reggae, soul, funk, house, jazz and any sound accompanied by a groove and a futuristic approach. A visit to Sónar was therefore inevitable and in 2017 two of its principal representatives, Joe Kay (co-founder) and Jarreau Vandal (a dj of Dutch origin and key member of the collective) will take over the controls to impart a deluge of sounds in their set at SonarVillage, the perfect time and place to enjoy their kaleidoscopic take on music.

The Soulection discography is wide and varied. Artists such as Kaytranada, Mr. Crmack and Ta-Ku have already featured on their label and they continue to regularly release top-quality material from emerging names on the American scene, as well as compilations in collaboration with other groups or related platforms. In addition to all of this, they have their own radio station, which began broadcasting in 2011, which already has more than 280 shows, some of them in collaboration with other stations, like the London’s Rinse FM. Their chief motto is “The Sound Of Tomorrow”, but the fact is, the music they love, release, play and share is timeless.