Sandro Jeeawock

Ocean Club/Neonized / ES

  • Friday 16 22:30 - 23:25

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab


In recent months (even years), Andalusia has been the community where artists are most contributing to the rejuvenation of electronic music structures in Spain. BSN Posse, Dellafuente and Lost Twin head up the list of artists to which we must now add Sandro Jeeawock, who has been intensely constructing beats with a pure southern flavour. His most representative and popular album to date is “The King Of Summer”, which combines tropicalism, generous doses of hip hop and r&b, a dash of juke and even a few notes of flamenco. The result he calls “flamencowave”, is a new sound that is fresh, bold and penetrating.

Jeeawock operates from Marbella on the Andalusian coast. Like many of his contemporaries, hip hop is the basis of his sound, the place from which his tracks depart, and the origin of his beats and flow. However his music also expands to diverse territories, from trap to chillwave, also passing through future beats and footwork. In addition to his own albums, such as “The King Of Summer” and EPs “Another Place” (2014) and “####” (2013), Sandro has also made his mark through several remixes, such as “Consentía”, one of Dellafuente’s first hits, and “Poco”, a recent track by Canarian Bejo.