Red Bull Music Academy presents

RP Boo

Planet Mu / US

  • Thursday 15 19:15 - 20:25

    Sónar by Day - SonarDôme

Chicago’s Footwork Godfather

The meteoric rise of footwork has been well documented in recent years, but even as this once regional battle music has assumed an international dancefloor presence, not all of its figures have received their proper due. RP Boo, AKA Chicago producer Kavain Space, operates largely outside of the crew-based dynamics that dominate much of the footwork world, and while that means his younger counterparts occasionally receive more shine, there's no denying that it was he who quite literally invented footwork with his 1997 track "Baby Come On". Given that Space was first taught how to produce by Windy City legend and Dance Mania affiliate DJ Slugo, it's no surprise that his productions are often raw and rooted in unorthodox sampling techniques.

He simply had the foresight to bump up the tempo, establishing a new template that lit a fire under an entire generation of dancers and producers. While Space's archival records for Planet Mu (Legacy and Classics Vol. 1) have been widely celebrated, it's important to note that he isn't content to simply be a historical footnote. He's continued innovating, and his celebrated 2015 album Fingers, Bank Pads, And Shoe Prints is proof that even as footwork has spread around the globe, there's still no one that sounds quite like RP Boo.