Princess Nokia


  • Thursday 15 16:40 - 17:20

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Queen of NY

Princess Nokia is Destiny Frasqueri, also known by her aliases Wavy Spice or simply Destiny, and for her regular collaborations with the young rap collective Ratking. Her Latino origins and a youth spent in Spanish Harlem are determining factors in understanding her music and attitude, far removed from the luxury aesthetics and the high standard of living of many of today’s trap queens and R&B figures. Princess Nokia is now the most important voice in rap practiced on the streets of New York, and her performance at SonarVillage will be her debut in Spain.

The American MC has achieved in just a short space of time what many can only dream of, drawing worldwide attention thanks to her charisma and the originality of her music. Her arrival has been stunning, captivating both new lovers of trap and stalwart fans of rap, as well as media closely following new cultural and music trends. It began with her mixtape “1992” (the year of her birth) and several videos, especially “Kitana” (co-produced by A-Trak), “Tomboy” (a flawless hit), and “Brujas”, in which she explores her Yoruba origins. Shrewd, spontaneous and committed to feminism (she is the founder of the Smart Girl Club), Princess Nokia is just what's needed in a genre that all too often forgets where it comes from (and where it's going).