Discontinu / ES

  • Saturday 17 13:00 - 14:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

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When Saturday’s first visitors to Sónar by Day enter the festival enclosure they will be treated to the sounds of Pauk. A mainstay on the mighty Discontinu label, the Catalan producer released the album “Melancholic Anger” just a few months ago, which he will present along side other visceral and emotive techno pieces from his catalogue into which he pours his personal experiences, thoughts and many hours of work and passion. Both in the studio and on the decks, Pauk plays with the rhythms and textures as if they were an abstract canvas, on which he shapes and interlaces little by little, until a complex and dense sound is revealed, leaving enough space for melodies and dynamism to enter.

Pau Cabruja (aka Pauk) is also known for being a master of the monome, an interactive instrument with an incredibly visual display, on which he composes and creates most of his material. “Melancholic Anger” is only his second LP following his early debut “Insekt” on Discontinu in 2008. He is a lover of dials and buttons and is a self confessed controller addict. His music is a combination of complex breaks and exciting melodies, resulting in the perfect union between technology and humankind. He has participated in several onstage shows such as “A Pas de Lorca”; a selection of poems by the Andalusian poet, combined with a performance by flamenco dancer Juan Carlos Lérida. He has also released singles and EPs on other labels besides Discontinu, including Enpeg (USA) ,