Nicolas Jaar

Other People / US

  • Friday 16 01:45 - 03:15

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

Sense and Sensibility

Nicolas Jaar will present his new live show at Sónar 2017 in the midst of a particularly successful and significant moment in his artistic career, marked by the recent release of his highly acclaimed album “Sirens”. The album signifies the end of the musician and producer of Chilean origin's journey to the Darkside (his project along with guitarist Dave Harrington) and also marks a clear departure from his early releases; taking a fresh approach to result in a more personal and reflective sound. Jaar is not afraid to include powerful contrasts in his new compositions, swaying between silence and noise, with one foot in the acoustic and the other firmly planted in the synthetic, thereby blurring genres (blues, ambient, cumbia, noise, house) in his long and winding tracks. Nor does he shy from political commentary or poetic licence. Instead, free from external pressures, he has produced a captivating and deep album, which only serves to further underline his precocious talent.

Jaar quickly drew critical attention with his early tracks (“Time For Us”, “El Bandido”, “Mi Mujer”), and also struck a chord with “Space Is Only Noise”. Released in 2011 (The same year as his first performance at Sónar) on his emotive debut album he discovered his own sound - somewhere between slow house, contemporary downtempo and nocturnal jazz - and won over the hearts and minds of thousands of fans around the world in the process. His long awaited new album “Sirens” took its time to arrive, but the young Chilean genius has not stopped working in the interim, both in Darkside, and on his own label Other People, as well as remixing Brian Eno, recording a new version of the soundtrack to “Pomegranates” (a cult Soviet film from 1969), and releasing the “Nymphs” series of singles, direct precedents to “Sirens". Following his triumphant return, Sónar 2017 will be the perfect opportunity to see him on stage.