Resident Advisor

Marcel Dettmann & Dr. Rubinstein


  • Saturday 17 03:05 - 05:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab

The true sound of Berlin

A double jolt of Berlin techno for Sónar by Night: On one side, the prodigious Marcel Dettman, a regular at Berghain and the best clubs in the city, and one of today's most respected techno DJs anywhere; On the other, the young Marina Rubinstein, aka Dr. Rubinstein, who arrived in the German capital four years ago from Tel Aviv, and in just a short space of time has earned a strong reputation on the city's underground scene. Together they will offer a four handed set perfectly representative of today's Berlin sound, where techno became fundamental in the late 80's and has continued evolving to the present day. A Tresor regular and Depeche Mode and Front 242 fan in his youth, Dettmann has been involved in the electronic dance and techno world all his life and his name is associated with several of the Berlin scene's leading "institutions" such as Berghain, the Ostgut Ton label and the Hard Wax record store. Both in his sets and on his records (for labels including 50Weapons, Kontra-Music, Ostgut Ton and his own label Marcel Dettmann Records) the German stands out for the precision, gravity and depth of his sound, celebrated by techno peers and sybarites the world over. Dr. Rubinstein follows a similar path. Although she has only recently begun to etch her name on the club and festival circuit; those who have heard her sets, replete with acid flashes and hypnotic developments, speak volumes about her ability to mix quality and intensity for the dance floor.