• Friday 16 16:00 - 17:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

New landscapes, new voices

Ana Quiroga and Uge Pañeda return to Sónar in 2017 with their highly anticipated album, which is expected to be released a few weeks prior to the festival. Some album details have already been revealed: its title, for example, “Bastet”, is the name of an Ancient Egyptian goddess, closely linked to music, who required humans to entertain her by dancing and touching in order to keep her wild side in check. We also know they recorded the album in Stockholm (in the legendary EMS studios) and Malmö, as well as in their own Asturian laboratory 'La Cueva'; where they are still working on processes like voice manipulation and field recordings. Their previous performance at Sónar in 2015 was extremely well received, and there is no better excuse than new compositions for them to return to Sónar in 2017. Also, they will have live support with images from Pedro Maia, which are an essential part of their new show.

Ana and Uge first began their artistic adventure a few years ago under the name Las CasiCasiotone, a project that had synthetic punk and electrohouse as its starting point. They soon honed their production techniques, reducing composition tempos, shaping a physical and expressive atmosphere that would reach its culmination upon their signing to the prestigious Austrian label Mego for their LP “d/evolution”. This piece of work, one of the most notable Spanish electronic productions over the last decade, discussed the paradoxes in the relationship between man and the environment, as well as referencing and drawing inspiration from the landscape and sounds of their native Asturias. Following a remix album, several mixes (always highly engaging), soundtracks, music for installations and increasingly popular concerts, 2017 will be the definitive year for their next record, and, of course, their return to Sónar.