Kinder Malo & Pimp Flaco

Dora Black / ES

  • Friday 16 14:30 - 15:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

The new revolution

Kinder Malo & Pimp Flaco play at Sónar by Day this year. Trap has arrived in Spain and is here to stay with dozens of MCs and producers appearing over the last year, bypassing traditional industry practices to access an ever-growing fan base via the Internet and social networks. Two of the scene's most active and talented members are Kinder Malo & Pimp Flaco; each with their own distinct style and solo projects, but a force to reckon with when combined both in the studio and on stage. They find themselves in a particularly good moment in their music careers clearly demonstrated by a collaboration with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash (also performing at Sónar 2017).

A key factor when explaining the remarkable success of both MCs are their videos, which have achieved several million hits on Youtube. Tracks like “The Law of Eddie Murphy” by Kinder Malo and “Haters” by Pimp Flaco are some of this year’s most watched videos by fans, that have also heavily impacted on their often Sold Out live shows. Their frank and uncensored lyrics; defiant attitude towards established norms and the politically correct; and a musicality that connects in equal measure to American hip hop and flamenco, are just some indications of the identity of these new artists who are shaking the very foundations of the national scene.