Kiddy Smile

Neverbeener Records / FR

  • Friday 16 20:20 - 21:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

La sonrisa de la diferencia

Kiddy Smile is a project deeply influenced by house music, from both the first wave in the late 80's to its evolution in the 90's. These references combine in his championing of the Parisian Ballroom scene, in which he is an active participant. His first contact with established artists led him to perform live with Beth Ditto from the band The Gossip -also a chief advocate on the circuit-, as well as projects based around the New York disco of Hercules & Love Affair and LCD Soundsystem. He follows a disco music tradition, which from its beginnings has been geared towards a gay audience that connects with the Kiddy Smile sound, fully integrated in the ideological and aesthetic approaches of the queer movement. His homosexuality caused him much suffering growing up in a Cameroonian family with traditional values, but music and performing have helped him reaffirm his sexuality. Last year, Kiddy Smile unveiled his label, Neverbeener Records, with his most important work to date, a four-track EP entitled "Enough Of You".