Norweside / ES

  • Friday 16 22:00 - 23:20

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

Galician quality

A lover of soul, R&B and hip hop from his earliest years, Judah is the ideal DJ to open Friday night at SonarPub, right before Anderson Paak takes to the stage. The Galician DJ and beatmaker is the most visible facet of the A Coruña based collective Norweside, which also features his partner in crime Arufe. Although he has little studio output to date (his last solo work was the “Errrthing” EP in 2014), the experience he has earned behind the decks guarantees beats, rhythms and rhymes of the highest order. His contribution to the Trill party podcast series at Barcelona’s Razzmatazz ​​provides the perfect sample of his style: contemporary R&B, hip hop past and present, future beats, grime and forward thinking bass music.

Judah is the artistic alter ego of Andrés Grobas, the respected beatmaker and habitual collaborator with BFlecha (producing songs on her new album, “Kwailia”), the Vigués Banana Bahia Music collective (with whom he released the album “Presidents” in 2015) and Arufe (his beats are the basis for the albums by A Coruña MC “Isla” and “Love Supreme”), as well as Agorazein, Timoti, Mwëslee and Watios, among many others. He released his first solo EP, “King of Whut”, in 2011, and currently runs the Chalana monthly party at the A Coruña Beach Club, where for the first time in the city you can hear the most innovative hip hop sounds in a large capacity venue.