Juana Molina

Crammed / AR

  • Friday 16 15:15 - 16:05

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Subtle synthetic dreams

A label and release date is already in place for the new album by Juana Molina: May 5 on Belgian label Crammed Discs. We also know the album will be more electronic than her previous work. On the LP, the Argentine artist will sing over digital productions and synthesized sounds, with a minor role reserved for guitars and acoustic instruments. It is therefore the perfect time for her to perform live on the SonarVillage stage. The album is entitled “Halo”, and at the time of writing we have only heard a more than promising teaser. The Argentine singer appears to have initiated a new phase by signing to Crammed, the renowned and well-established label run by Marc Hollander. At Sónar we will be able to enjoy her new compositions first-hand, just one month after their official release.

A decade ago Juana Molina surprised us with “Son”, a beautiful collection of songs that magically skewed between acoustic sounds and ambient electronica, a sound that at that time was nicknamed folktronica. This record marked a turning point in her career, although Molina had already been singing and composing since the early 90”s, when she was a well-known actress in her native Argentina. She began to gain international momentum in 2002 when David Byrne took her on his worldwide tour. In 2008 she released her fifth album, “Un Dia”, on Domino, and in 2013 she released “Wed 21”, her last LP to date, which saw her begin her relationship with Crammed Discs, shaping new delicate and dreamlike pop forms, full of strange and extraordinary subtleties.