Pain Surprises / FR

  • Friday 16 16:30 - 17:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

House concrète

Presented by SACEM & French Waves

The first thing that grabs your attention about Jacques' (which is even mentioned at the very beginning of his press biography) is his eccentric hairstyle. But the truth is that beyond the initial impact, behind the shaved haired stranger is a young artist with an unusual talent that marries house, pop, electronica and synthesized melodies. He calls it “transversal techno”, a sound halfway between electronic structures and field recordings (the sounds of nature and everyday objects), which is a key identifier of his sound. With these elements it is therefore logical to compare his style with that of Herbert, a true master when combining dance floor friendly rhythms with concrete music.

Jacques Auberger arrived in Paris at the age of 19 from his native Strasbourg. He soon founded the Pain Surprises label collective on which he released his first and only EP to date, with a title overflowing with happiness: “Tout Est Maganifique”. With only one album and sure-fire songs like “La Tournure des Choses” and “Faites Quelque Chose” (built around the ticking of an alarm clock or the creaking of a wooden floor) he has achieved stardom in France, where he has already appeared on the covers of print and online magazines. His fresh, original and dance floor friendly sound is guaranteed to generate a new raft of fans from those who attend his concert at Sónar by Day.